Which Electric Vehicles Are All Wheel Drive

Are you shopping around for your next vehicle? Looking for an electric vehicle but need AWD! Check out our list of fully electric vehicles that have AWD capability. 


Electric vehicles are great for any driver, from your daily commuter to road trips! If you are looking for a zero-emissions all-wheel-drive vehicle; there is a range of makes and models to choose from!

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Best Gifts For A Car Lover

Do you have that one person who is hard to shop for, and is a car lover? Let us help you out with these awesome gift ideas! 

Automotive lovers tend to be tricky to buy for. No worries, we have your back! We have found some quirky and useful gifts that your car lover will enjoy. Whether they are a road warrior or just starting a family! Auto Outlets USA has done research to make buying gifts for a car lover easy peasy!

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Top 10 Best Winter Vehicles To Buy

Don’t get stuck in a blizzard – we hand-picked some of the best winter cars, trucks, and SUVs!

Looking to upgrade your ride that is a little more Rochester winter friendly? There are oodles of winter vehicles out there, meaning your search for your winter ride could be tough. No more headaches or stress! Our Top 10 Cars & Suv’s For Winter, will help you build more confidence while driving on snow-drifted roads. We have done all of the hard work for you! Our list may even surprise you!

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Winter Vehicle Safety Checklist

How to Prepare Your Winter Vehicle Safety Checklist

Everyone dreads the rough upstate winters here in the Rochester, NY area. Before the heavy snow hits you should prepare early. Auto Outlets USA is a great resource for finding all of the information you need to build your Winter vehicle safety checklist and have a fully stocked safety kit in your trunk. You can never be too prepared.

Check out this helpful winter vehicle checklist infographic so you will be prepared for the worst driving conditions. Follow this list and there will be no need to check it twice!
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What Is The Best Way To Get Bugs Off The Front Of A Car

You may ask, what is the best way to get bugs off the front of a car. 
We take great care of our vehicles making it shine and shimmer, especially in the summer! After a weekend road trip you may notice on the front of your car there are some bug guts that refuse to wash off after multiple attempts. We have found the best way to get bugs off the front of a car. Removing bugs from your from your front bumper is essential to keep your vehicle’s paint protected. We put the Cooking Oil Method and Dryer…
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Why Buy A Toyota Sienna

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Not your average Van! 
The Sienna has evolved from the beginning of their birth! They are a top pick among families looking for cargo space and room! When purchasing a minivan you aren't sacrificing the cool factor, especially when you pick the Toyota Sienna. Check out our reasons to buy a Toyota Sienna and see what it has to offer! 
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