Get the Facts on A Soft Credit Check at Auto Outlets USA

At Auto Outlets USA, we know that it can be tough to get the right credit information. We are here to help you through the buying process, not stress you out. With that being said, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the incredible things that our dealership can provide for you, and many of the great options that you will be able to turn to throughout this process. With our help, you can make the right decisions for your lifestyle, and can easily and seamlessly get the vehicle that you want. Reach out to us today with any questions or concerns that you might have, or stop by our dealership from the Rochester, Canandaigua, Webster, and Wolcott, NY areas today.

What is A Soft Credit Check?

This is a great question. A Soft Credit Check is when you authorize someone (potentially us) to check out your credit report. The important thing to note about a soft credit check, is that it will not affect your credit in any way. We know that sometimes it can be tough to know if filling out an application is a good idea, simply because you do not want it to affect your credit. With a soft check, there is no application to attach to, therefore, your credit score will not be impacted in any way.

Our financial department is filled to the brim with true experts. In this case, we urge you to check out all that we have to offer up, and to ask any questions that you can think of. As we mentioned, we are experts, and we will do everything we can to put you first throughout the process. We truly can't wait to work with you, and to help you make the right decisions for years to come.