Electric vehicles are growing in popularity every single day. This is due to their innovative tech, modern stylings, and overall efficient power systems. Customers are loving the EVs in our inventory, and we are sure you will too. We are more than happy to show you through these electric options during your next visit.

What is an Electric Vehicle

An electric vehicle is the opposite of what we know now. These are cars and SUVs with no combustion engines. Instead, you get a powerful battery and a series of motors to propel you forward. EVs are measured in range instead of fuel economy and need to be charged instead of refueled. These are truly the cars of the future.

Exciting Electric Options

We have a range of impressive electric options here at Auto Outlets of USA. Some of our more popular choices are the Tesla models we offer. This includes the sporty Tesla Model S and sleek Tesla Model Y. These are some of the pioneers of EVs, ensuring you get a quality ride. Canandaigua customers can even find the recent Ford Mustang Mach-E. This amazing EV will not sacrifice anything in terms of power.

The Benefits of an Electric

There are so many benefits you will experience when choosing to go electric. The first is, of course, efficiency. You are going to save a ton by choosing electric energy over common fuel. Another stand-out perk is maintenance. Most electric vehicles come with fewer moving parts. This means you have less to keep up with, eliminating some service-related needs.

Visit Auto Outlets USA for Your Next Electric

If you are interested in owning one of these innovative models, feel free to visit our electric car dealership near Canandaigua today. We can explain all the differences and benefits an EV brings to the table. Take an electric vehicle for a test drive soon to experience it for yourself.