Just brought home your Tesla? Want to know how to keep your seats nice and clean as the day you brought home your vehicle? Here are three cleaning options for cleaning the seats in your Tesla.

1. Baby Wipes 

They are soft and gentle enough for a baby, they are most definitely soft and gentle enough for your vinyl seats in your Tesla. Baby wipes are pretty inexpensive and they are always nice to keep on hand in your car anyways. 

2. Wet Rag and Distilled Water 

Simple and easy, distilled water has both contaminants and minerals removed. You should use distilled water if you live in an area where your water from the tap is hard. Hard water tends to have high mineral content and could damage your seats. 

3. Dawn Dish Soap 

Dawn dish soap is hard on grime and dirt but soft enough not to damage what you are cleaning. Just ad some drops on top of a soft wet rag and wipe away. 

We love the vinyl seats on the Tesla, this makes it super easy to wipe away any dirt or spills without staining the seats. If you are looking for a high-quality used Model Y Auto Outlets USA has a wide selection to choose from!