How to Prepare Your Winter Vehicle Safety Checklist

Everyone dreads the rough upstate winters here in the Rochester, NY area. Before the heavy snow hits you should prepare early. Auto Outlets USA is a great resource for finding all of the information you need to build your Winter vehicle safety checklist and have a fully stocked safety kit in your trunk. You can never be too prepared.

Check out this helpful winter vehicle checklist infographic so you will be prepared for the worst driving conditions. Follow this list and there will be no need to check it twice!
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  • Down Blanket
  • Extra Change of Clothing
  • Few Pairs of Gloves
  • Heavy Duty Snow Boots
  • Cat litter
  • Candles & Matches?
  • Flashlight with Extra Batteries
  • Battery Powered Radio
  • Ice Scraper
  • First Aid Kit with Pocket Knife
  • Tool Box
  • Hot Hands & Feet
  • Food (Non-Perishable) & Water
  • Phone Power Bank
  • Tow Rope
  • Jumper Cables (the longer the better)
  • Emergency Flares
  • Non-Clumping Kitty Litter or Sand for traction
  • Necessary Medications
  • CRKT Exitool  (if you need to cut your seat belt or break the window)

??Before You Hit The Road!
Make an appointment with your local mechanic and ask them to look the vehicle over to ensure that it is Winter ready! this is especially important if you haven’t driven the vehicle in the snow yet or if you have recently moved to the area.

Kit Tips

Store your container in the back seat or next to you in case your trunk is frozen shut.

Have your AAA membership handy (Don’t have a membership? Strongly recommended and worth the investment)

Keep your gas tank at least half full or more. This will prevent gas lines from freezing and if you happen to get stuck you are prepared!

If You Are Stuck

Access the situation and determine who you need to contact.

Stay inside of your vehicle, do not leave your vehicle. Your vehicle is the best shelter! By walking you could end up exhausted or lost.

If you find that snow is piling around the vehicle, most likely it will/is blocking the tailpipe. This increases your risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Turn your vehicle off if you cannot clear the tailpipe from snow.

Keep An Eye Out

  • Tires: If there isn't much tire tread, it's time to get a new set of wheels. For those who are on a budget, all season tires work great! You may also want to consider snow tires or adding chains to your tires if they are in good shape! 
  • Fluids: No one likes a frozen windshield, use De-Icer washer fluid! Check your coolant, make sure that you have enough. You may want to think about flushing your coolant, this will remove fragments that could clog the system.
  • Wiper Blades: If they are flapping in the wind and they are not working properly. It's time to treat yourself to new ones! 
  • Brakes: Top off your brake fluid. Test vehicle brakes out, it maybe time to get new ones! 
  • Battery: Test your battery and keep your terminals clean
  • Spare Tire: Have your mechanic look it over. See if you have a jack and the tools necessary to change a tire. 
For winter driving tips, look at what The National Safety Council has to offer!

If your Winter vehicle safety checklist is complete, but you aren’t sure if your current vehicle can handle another winter, check out the best selection of SUV’s for sale and get ready to handle anything Winter throws your way this year!




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