Auto Outlets USA is the top source for all things electric vehicles! We have compiled a list of essentials to keep in your electric vehicle this winter. Check out our list of the Top 8 items to keep in your electric car this winter!

Top 8 Items To Keep In Your Electric Car This Winter: 


Warm Blanket: this honestly is a no-brainer everyone should keep one in their vehicle for those just in case moments! If you forget to take it out in the summer, you now have a picnic blanket for gatherings! 

Water: you may not think about staying hydrated in the winter, but it is very important. Dehydration can make you feel disoriented, which is something to be avoided when you are stranded in your vehicle during a snowstorm.
Pet First Aid Kit: if you hike with your pets, whether it’s in the Adirondacks or Letchworth State Park; keeping a first aid kit for them is a must. Especially if they hurt their paw pads during a winter walk, you can go straight to your electric car and get the first aid kit out!


Auto Emergency Kit: these will have things such as flares, a tire pump, and sometimes a human first aid kit. 


Snacks: we recommend nuts, granola bars, or gummies for something sweet. These will all keep in the vehicle pretty well because they have a good shelf life. If you really want to go above and beyond, get protein bars! Especially if you live in climates where you tend to get a ton of snow. 


Charge Cord: keep it in your vehicle at all times, not even just during the winter months. If your place of employment has a charging station, you can charge your electric vehicle while you are working. 


Winter Accessories: extra hats, gloves, boots, socks, jackets, and a change of clothes are a must. You want to avoid wearing wet clothes or sweaty clothes as that will increase your risk for hypothermia. 

Shovel: we recommend one that is collapsible, this way it doesn’t take up so much space in your trunk.  


Winter is on its way here in Rochester, NY. If you want to be prepared we highly recommend keeping some of these items in your electric vehicle. Also, If you tend to have extra passengers in your vehicle on a regular basis, include extra food, blankets, and winter accessories for them as well. Auto Outlets USA is the top provider of high-quality used electric vehicles in the Farmington, NY area. We invite you to continue to read our blog for more educational tips on owning an electric vehicle.