For those who live in winter wonderlands who charge their electric vehicle outside, we highly recommend keeping snow and ice out of your charging port. Here is how you can keep your electric car charging port clear and dry while charging. 



When getting an electric vehicle, we recommend purchasing an electric charging port cover, especially if you live in Upstate, NY. There are plenty of different designs to fit all different types of electric vehicle charging ports. 


These have magnets that help the cover stay on and at the end a cord that can be pulled tight to keep ice and snow out. Charging port covers are usually waterproof to keep your vehicle protected. Be mindful that if your electric vehicle has an aluminum alloy, plastic, or carbon fiber shell; charging ports covers with magnets will not work on those types of vehicles. These will only work on electric vehicles with iron bodies. 



Purchasing a charging port cover is the best way to keep snow and ice out of your electric car charging port this winter. There are plenty of options to pick from and many of them can be used in the summer to keep your port cool as well! Here at Auto Outlets USA, we are the top provider of high-quality used electric vehicles! We welcome you to visit our blog for more information on electric vehicles!