Did you just recently purchase a 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime? Are you looking for some accessories to personalize your vehicle and add protection for you and your family! We will go over the top accessories for the Toyota RAV4 Prime.

Dog Proofing 


Many pet owners enjoy traveling with their furry friends, especially dogs! When it comes to protecting the interior of your RAV4 and making your pet feel safe on the road. Here is a list of our puppy-friendly finds for your Toyota.

-Back Seat Door Guards: 

Never worry about your pup slobber or door panel scratching. The pet car door cover is easy to clean, you can throw it in the wash when it becomes dirty. These do come with extra pockets to store toys and treats for your pup!

-Pet Cargo Barrier

This is a must-have, especially if you tend to travel with extra passengers. A pet cargo barrier keeps your pup in the cargo space of the RAV4 and is custom-made to fit the SUV.

-Trunk Cargo Liner 

Many pet owners know, accidents may happen when traveling with your dog. A trunk cargo liner is waterproof and will protect your Toyota from: mud, hair, scratches, and liquids. If and when something happens you can always throw the liner in the wash. 

-Dog Hair Remover 

No matter how well you protect the interior of your RAV4 Prime, you will have pet hair. Keeping a mini pet hair remover in your will keep the hair at bay.

Toyota RAV4 Prime Exterior Upgrades: 

If you tend to travel a lot and want to further protect your vehicle we recommend this exterior upgrade.
Door Sill Protector 

The door sill protector will help guard against interior door scuffs, scrapes, and scratches, on all doors.

Interior Upgrades: 

If your RAV4 Prime has leather seats, we recommend keeping them protected. Here are some interior accessories we recommend for your Toyota.

ERK Custom Fit Full Set Car Seat Covers 

These are custom fit to fit the 2019-2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime. If you want to keep the integrity of your vehicle’s interior, whether that is cloth or leather these will do the trick!


Center Console Tray 

If you like to keep your vehicle organized and you find that you are always looking for change or chapstick. This will give you easy access to your favorite goodies!


Passenger Side Waste Bin

If you tend to be a little messy and you want to start good cleaning habits, keep a tiny waste bin in your car. We all know we have some floating empty coffee cups and water bottles in our cars and the forsaken noise they make when you take a turn. Keeping a waste bin in your RAV4 Prime will help that issue. 



We hope you enjoy our list of the top accessories for the 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime. We hope you and your family enjoy your Toyota and hope this list helps you to maintain your vehicle! If you are in the market for a high-quality used electric vehicle, Auto Outlets USA is the top provider in Rochester, NY.