Why Buy A Toyota Sienna

May 1st, 2019 by

Toyota Sienna

Not your average van!

They have evolved from the beginning of their birth! They are a top pick among families looking for space and storage! When purchasing a minivan you aren’t sacrificing the cool factor, especially when you pick the Toyota Sienna. Check out our reasons to buy a Toyota Sienna and see what it has to offer.


Reasons To Buy A Toyota Sienna

1. Tons Cargo Space For So Many Activities!

Step Brothers

The Sienna is sought out by many for its cargo space capability. The third row bench folds completely flat, which makes road tripping with the kiddos and your furry child a breeze! When the third row seats are up storage space starts at 39 cubic feet. When the third row seat is down you jump to 150 cubic feet of space!

2. Comfortable Seats!

Toyota Sienna

Comfy and cozy! These seats are great for trips to the grocery store, as well as road trip! Toyota Sienna seats a plush and have plenty of space for seven or eight passengers (seating varies on trim level).

3. All Wheel Drive Option

Live in the Northeast?  This is a must have! Toyota Sienna’s are monsters in the snow! When upgrading to the AWD option you will get larger wheels for more contact with the road!

4. The Goodies

Toyota Sienna Infotainment

The base Toyota Sienna L has a plethora of options even for being a base model. The options include Bluetooth, tri-zone climate control, back up camera & 6.1 in touch screen.


The Bottom Line

If you have been looking around for a minivan that doesn’t feel like your average soccer mom van. The Toyota Sienna should be on your list. This vehicle has ample storage and passenger space!




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