Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

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Teen Drivers

Congratulations you have made it to the New Year! For those who have a teen at home, this may be the big year that they are eligible to be behind the wheel. One of your teen’s New Years resolution may be to get their own vehicle. Auto Outlets USA  is a great resource to help parents and teenagers to find information on teen driving.

Safety Tips for Teen Drivers


Before you start your engine:

According to AAA “an average of 1,022 people die each year in crashes involving teen drivers.” These tips will help your teen become safer before they hit the road. These tips are even helpful for the experienced driver.

-Remove any distracting objects that could move around while driving, put them in the trunk.

-Make sure your windshield is clean.

Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

-Buckle safety belt, make sure your passengers are all buckled up as well.

Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

-Check all mirrors to make sure you are able to see.

Mirror Check

-Turn down the radio.

-Put cell phone on silent and in the glove compartment.

Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

-Mount any GPS device that may be used if your vehicle does not come preloaded with navigation.

Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

-Turn on your headlights if necessary, many vehicles come with automatic headlights.

-Holding the steering wheel at either 3 and 9 o’clock on the wheel. If you get into a car accident and the airbags go off, your hands won’t hit you in your face due to airbag deployment.

Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

-Start your engine!

-Time to fill up! If your gas tank is low, you could damage your vehicle by driving on a nearly empty tank.

Helpful Tips:

-Enrolling your teen in a driver’s ed course will help them gain skills and experience behind the wheel.

Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

-According to The Department of Motor Vehicles “Having a single teen passenger in your car can double the risk of causing a car accident. Adding additional teen passengers causes the risk to escalate.”

– Stop before you decide to snack. This reduces a chain reaction of events if your teen starts to choke while driving.

Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

-Practicing defensive driving, being aware of all traffic that surrounds you. Making sure that you are leaving a buffer behind the vehicle ahead of you.

-We encourage you to have conversations often about the dangers of distracted driving. The CDC has a parent-teen driving agreement, this will help to put your mind at ease. Also, there are apps that monitor whether or not your teen has been texting while driving, speeding, drive beyond an area or break curfew. Many of these apps will instill excellent driving habits and may save a few bucks on vehicle insurance.


Remember this is an exciting time in a teen’s life. With responsibility, safety must follow. If you think more practice is needed before they drive on their own, sit down and chat with your teen and explain the reasons why. Remind them that you are watching out for their well being and that a license may be in their future.





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