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How To Remove Tree Sap From Your Vehicle

As the seasons change over, the trees are changing as well. Typical tree sap flows in spring and early summer. If the temperature fluctuates as much as it does in Rochester, NY; the pressure increases which can also force a bit of tree sap to drip. Sometimes if you park near a tree that is filled with sap it can get on your vehicle. We are going to share with you how you can remove tree sap from your vehicle. 


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What Is The Best Ways To Get Bird Poop Off Of Your Car

If you are leaving to run errands or go to work to find your vehicle covered in bird poop, it can be disappointing and disgusting. When you see bird poop on your car, it needs to get off right away as it can cause damage by etching into your vehicle’s paint. Bird poop is actually pretty acidic and it is one of the top causes of paint damage on cars. We want to share with you the best ways to get bird poop off of your car.


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What Is Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is a type of hydraulic fluid that is necessary for your vehicle braking system. When your vehicle does not have enough fluid, you will not have the power to stop your vehicle unless you use the emergency brake. It is important to monitor your vehicle’s brake fluid every couple of months and to have your brake fluid serviced about every couple of years to ensure excellent brake performance.

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