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Use your tax refund to help you afford a hybrid or electric car

The average American taxpayer will get a federal tax refund of about $3,000 this year. How big is your tax refund? If it's anywhere near the average, you could easily use it to help you pay for a stylish, fuel-efficient pre-owned electric or hybrid vehicle at Auto Outlets of Wolcott in Wolcott, NY. You can find an outstanding hybrid or electric model in the "Electric Car Corner" on our website and start getting much better fuel efficiency.

Examples of fuel-efficient hybrids we offer

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What is the Difference Between PHEV and Traditional Hybrid

Hybrid vehicles are becoming more popular today for drivers in the Rochester Area. Getting outstanding fuel efficiency is always appealing. Finding the right hybrid can be difficult because there is more than one hybrid type. Many drivers aren’t aware of the different types. We at Auto Outlets USA are excited to show you and tell you the difference between a PHEV and a traditional hybrid.

Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid vehicles are run by a diesel or petrol engine along with an electric motor. They can run using the gas engine, just the electric motor, or using both at the same…

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