Changing the way you drive can improve fuel economy and reduce emissions as well as improve the environment. Here are some quick eco-friendly driving tips on how to drive greener, this will also improve your gas mileage and save you money at the pump. 



Lose excess weight. If you aren’t using any racks or cargo carriers, take them off your vehicle.

Properly inflate tires, this can improve your mpg.  


Drive in the correct gear, try not to push the RPM in your vehicle.
Trade your vehicle in for a more efficient car, such as an EV


Instead of abrupt stop/starts, slow down and come to a gentle stop. When it's time to go, slowly accelerate. 


Many of these eco-friendly driving tips not only improve your fuel economy, but it also reduces wear and tear on your vehicle. If you are looking to make the jump to a used electric vehicle in Rochester, NY Auto Outlets USA has a great selection of EVs.