Considering switching over from a gas-powered engine to an electric vehicle? Below we will explore the many environmental benefits of electric vehicles. Some of the benefits covered include greatly reduced emissions, increased safety, health benefits, and more. At Auto Outlets USA you can find a great selection of used electric vehicles. 



The Environmental Benefits: 

  1. Reduced Emissions 
  2. Health Benefits 
  3. Increased Vehicle Safety 
  4. Made From Recyclable Materials 
  5. More Energy Efficient

Reduced Emissions

Electric vehicles have zero exhaust emissions, by choosing to drive one you are helping to reduce harmful air pollution. Additionally, electric vehicles emit sixty-six percent less carbon dioxide compared to internal combustion vehicles. 

Health Benefits 

Zero exhaust emissions will result in cleaner air and a cleaner environment. While a decreased need for gas and oil means fewer spills in groundwater, lakes, rivers, and oceans. This can produce health benefits for humans and wildlife. 


Increased Vehicle Safety 

Many features of electric vehicles make them safer than conventional vehicles. These vehicles tend to have a lower center of gravity, thus making them less prone to rolling over. They can have a lower risk for major fires or explosions. The construction of electric vehicles may make them safer in a collision. 


Made From Recyclable Materials 

This isn’t always true with all-electric vehicles, more so the newer ones. Many of the newer ones have interior parts that are made from recyclable materials. 


More Energy Efficient 

Electric vehicles are able to convert ninety percent of energy from their batteries into motion energy, compared to twenty to thirty percent for a conventional vehicle. Another reason it takes about three dollars to charge an electric vehicle to full capacity in comparison to filling a vehicle with gas that costs thirty dollars. 

Making the switch to an electric vehicle will keep more money in your pockets, but it will also help lead to a cleaner environment. If you are looking for a used electric vehicle in Rochester, NY, Auto Outlets USA is the top provider of used electric vehicles in Upstate New York.